DAVID Warburton, the independent MP for Somerton and Frome, has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II following her death.

The Queen died “peacefully” at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday, September 8.

Charles III acceded to the throne upon the Queen's death but will not be formally proclaimed King until an Accession Council is held at St James’s Palace on Saturday.

Politicians and public figures from around the world have paid tribute to the Queen's life, including Somerset's MPs.

Mr Warburton has remembered the Queen in a statement on his website.

The statement said: “Queen Elizabeth II pledged on her 21st birthday: ‘I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service.’

“She conducted her long and successful reign with grace and humility; a constant, gentle and benevolent force in the lives of so many across the globe.

“Her life of service, her example, her Christmas messages have gently guided and sustained us through good times and bad and it is only when we have had time to reflect we will begin to know how much has passed over from her late Majesty’s life into ours.

“My thoughts and prayers are with our King and his family and all those who mourn at this time of great sadness.

“Our late sovereign was made of something truly exceptional which is reflected in the legacy she has left for us.”