IF you have driven out of Taunton past the St Andrew's lights on Kingston Road you may have already seen an amazing piece of art in memory of Her Majesty the Queen.

If you haven't seen it yet, it is worth taking a look.

Taunton-based graffiti artist, Sam Gaden from Aerosol Art has painted the mural of The Queen and hopes it is a nice tribute for the people of the town to enjoy.

He said: "I have painted this mural to honour The Queen and her service to the country.

"Our family has a long line of military service and it means a lot to me. In fact my mum encouraged me to do this piece.

Somerset County Gazette: Queen mural painted by Sam Gaden/Aerosol Art

"The main reason I did this though was to pay tribute to The Queen and give the people of Taunton a mural to enjoy her memory."

The wall on Kingston Road is owned privately and Mr Gaden wanted to thank the people who helped this project come to life.

"I need to thank Silvia for giving permission to use this wall and I also want to thank Wes at Kazam on East Street.

"The people at Kazam donated the paint for the job, they sell graffiti supplies too for people looking to get started."

People on social media have already expressed their thoughts on the piece.

Sharon Nash said: "Amazing skills Sam fitting tribute to our majesty the Queen."

Somerset County Gazette: Sam Gaden. Picture: Whoisbenjamin PhotographySam Gaden. Picture: Whoisbenjamin Photography

Emma Burns added: "Amazing work and tribute. An honour to have it right next door as well."

And Stephen Marks said: "Honestly Sam what an exceptional touching tribute to her majesty. Top class artwork as always."

The finished project will be on show from around 5pm on Saturday, September 17.

Sam Gaden hopes the people of Taunton enjoy it.

"I just hope the people of Taunton see this as a fitting tribute to The Queen, I am proud of it and I hope the town is too."

You can find more of Aerosol Art's work on their Facebook page or their website - https://www.aerosolart.co.uk