SOMERSET boxer Jamie Claridge, representing Weston Warriors ABC, travelled to Bodmin looking to become the Cruiserweight Senior Development Western Counties Champion on Saturday (October 1).

In the opposite corner he faced Martin Warren of the renowned Oakmead ABC, who came with a fearsome reputation and big winning record.

Showing this confidence Warren flew out from his corner on the bell with a flurry of fast hurtful looking punches.

Jamie took a couple of accurate spiteful punches on the chin but quickly regained his composure listening to wise words of instruction from Dean Lewis in his corner.

The next Warren attack, 25 seconds into the round, was met by a big right cross counter from Claridge which detonated onto Warrens chin.

Warren was left with wobbly legs and received an eight count from the referee.

Now Jamie knew he could hurt his opponent he started to settle and take his time. Two more big rights would follow in the next couple exchanges.

The final blow came exactly one minute into the contest when Warren lunged in with a jab only for Jamie to shovel a perfectly timed right uppercut onto the side of his head.

Warren dropped to his knees and the referee waved the contest in Jamie’s favour.

Jamie’s hand was raised by the referee crowning him the new England Boxing Cruiserweight Development Western Counties Champion.

Jamie now travels to Exmouth next weekend along with Louis Merryweather, who received a bye, to compete in the national pre-quarter finals against their respective London Champions.