A SINGLE mum from Taunton has raised over £3,500 for charity after she ran the London Marathon.

Lorraine Warren, took to the streets of London last weekend to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital through the Grand Appeal as their charity runner in this year’s marathon.

Having only been told at the end of April that she was gifted the coveted spot Lorraine took to the streets to begin her training regime.

Lorraine, aged 43, was stunned to find out she had been chosen.

"It is one of those things I had on my bucket list but deep down never really wanted to actually do, so when the call came through from Nathan at the Grand Appeal I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but it is a charity so close to me that I could not turn it down," she said.

Lorraine knows both the Bristol Children’s Hospital and the Bristol Royal Infirmary all too well as two of her three children have a very rare genetic condition called Loeys-Dietz syndrome which means regular check ups to try and keep their condition managed.

George, Lorraine’s eldest child underwent open heart surgery in Bristol when he was just 16 and her younger child, Oscar is monitored to ensure that if his aorta needs a repair the hospital know in advance.

An employee at the Bridgwater and Taunton College Trust and working across their schools within the Trust, Lorraine has a full plate within her work life and has spent most of the summer outside coaching and playing cricket.

"In hindsight a marathon after the summer isn’t ideal because I’d end up having to go out running after a full day at work followed by a cricket session or a game in the evening along with every Sunday taken up for cricket.

"The build up has been amazing and I have been so supported by my family, friends, my teammates, and the schools I work in that fundraising has been made easier by them and I’m delighted that I can give something back to a hospital that benefits so many in the area and my boys."

She added: "I just wanted to prove that no matter what shape, size or level of fitness you are that working and training hard can produce results and if I can inspire one other parent with a full plate that they can do it then that means the world.

"The icing on the cake was having my three sons waiting to hug me as all I ever wanted was to make them proud of me."