BURNHAM looks set to get its own Pride event after a public meeting brought people together to share ideas and discuss plans.

The meeting was held by The Princess Theatre on behalf of the town council on Tuesday, October 11. 

The council had previously been approached by several groups that want to launch a Pride event in the town, and this meeting brought those voices together.

It was agreed that plans would build on the foundations of the new Pride-on-Sea group and create an inclusive community event that will leave a lasting legacy.

There will not be a committee, with the founders instead promoting a sense of equality among the group's collaborators.

A town council spokesperson said: “This meeting is a real landmark moment for Burnham and Highbridge – bringing people in to the room with a shared ambition and the passion to make something happen, and they left with a clear mandate.

“We can say with confidence there is a group of incredible and inspiring individuals that have come together from this meeting, all of whom want to develop and build something that does not discriminate.”

A spokesperson for Pride-on-Sea said: “We were over the moon that the public meeting brought together residents, businesses and councillors who all wanted to make a good thing happen.

“We are looking forward to listening to the community and working together to create an inclusive, accessible and fun pride celebration in 2023.”

Also in attendance was Steven Mellor, who said: “It gives me a sense of pride to know that we will be raising awareness for the LGBTQ+ community and really putting ourselves out there to show that Pride is here. 

“I fully support Pride-on-Sea and look forward to the future and the continued support in the community to bring a Pride that Burnham and Highbridge needs.”

The group will now look at how it will be constituted and start planning its fundraisers and its Pride celebration event.

For more information, visit its social media pages or email prideonsea@gmail.com.