A COUNCIL authority said they “strongly discourage people putting up unofficial signs” after a cycling group warned of a “dangerous” town centre roundabout.

The signs were put up by TACC (Taunton Area Cyclists Campaign) near Market House roundabout on Saturday, October 8 after the group previously said the roundabout was a “key concern” as its surface is “uneven” and “slippery”.

A TACC spokesperson also added the group spoke to a safety consultant to understand what can be done to improve the roundabout’s surface on which they claimed cyclists were injured.

The group's spokesperson also claimed “the roundabout hasn't been properly maintained since it was built in 1996”.

Somerset County Gazette: Several members of TACC met on Saturday, October 8Several members of TACC met on Saturday, October 8 (Image: Steve Richardson)

Somerset County Council Highways said the signs “can be confusing for the travelling public” and unofficial ones “can create unnecessary hazards”.

The full statement from a Somerset County Council Highway spokesperson read: “We’re continuing to work with Somerset West and Taunton Council to identify and bid for further funds towards a scheme that can provide a smoother running surface for cyclists.

“We agree this is a high-priority issue in terms of our shared ambitions to encourage cycling as a means of travel.

“Our assessment following regular inspections is that this surface is not unsafe for cyclists, however, we do understand that the current running surface discourages some people from cycling across the town centre.

“We would also strongly discourage people putting up unofficial signs which can be confusing for the travelling public.

“All road signs need to be compliant with Government standards to avoid uncertainty and confusion, and unofficial signs can themselves create unnecessary hazards.”

Somerset County Gazette: Market House roundabout in TauntonMarket House roundabout in Taunton (Image: Steve Richardson)

TACC is also asking for a meeting with Councillor Mike Rigby, executive member for Planning and Transportation at Somerset West and Taunton Council.

Somerset West and Taunton Council previously provided a response to TACC.

Cllr Rigby added: “Our original reasons for removing the Market House roundabout from the scope of the Future High Streets Fund project still stand.

“The proposal for the Bus Service Improvement Plan which is currently in feasibility, coupled with a long-held ambition for less traffic and more cycling and walking in the wider town centre means that this is a complex project.

“There are no ‘quick wins’. It is, however, one that remains a key priority for SWT and SCC but must be considered in relation to other projects and wider ambitions for the town centre.

“We have explored TACC’s suggested ‘interim’ measure for a 3m cycle lane on the outer area of the roundabout and, I’m sorry to say, it is simply not possible to do anything to the surface of the roundabout without spending over a million pounds on a scheme that could become obsolete within a year or so.

“Somerset West and Taunton Council is meeting with Somerset County Council next week for a strategy meeting to discuss the future of transport in the town centre and the Market House roundabout is a key part of this.”