A WOMAN from Minehead has lost over 3.5 stone after joining Slimming World.

65-year-old Janet Middleton said the number one reason she wanted to lose weight was she wasn't happy with how she looked.

"My number one reason was that I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.

"Being short and overweight was not a good look and made clothes shopping a nightmare.

"I was in my mid 60s and was really feeling my age; my knees were constantly painful and I thought getting some weight off them might help."

After joining Slimming World, Janet has changed her diet by following the recipe books provided.

"I enjoy being able to incorporate the extras that I would find extremely difficult to give up but am able to enjoy and limit to smaller amounts – one biscuit, small amount of chocolate, a glass of wine.

"Also very easy to find suitable meals when eating out. My husband always has the same meal with me in the evening and enjoys it."

She added that: "I can honestly say I feel as fit now as 20 or 30 years ago. I walk for miles and can walk speedily up any Exmoor hill without stopping or getting out of breath.

"I spend hours in the garden doing manual work. I’ve done a 26 mile walk in Scotland in September. I would have had difficulty with doing any of these things prior to losing weight."

But most importantly to Janet, losing weight has improved her confidence.

"Losing weight has considerably improved my confidence. To most of us our appearance is of importance and if you don’t feel you look your best it does affect your mood and the way you feel about yourself.

"It is a real boost when people say how good you look, especially when you are in your mid 60s and used to not being noticed!

"A special thank you to you for all your help, support and encouragement; you have been amazing."

Janet started her weight loss journey at 11st 9.5lbsand has gone on to lose over three and a half stones.

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