A STYLE of fitness training that is aimed at increasing muscle strength and mass whilst simultaneously reducing body fat, all in under 20 minutes? I had to try it.

Recently I stumbled upon a unique fitness training called Electrical Muscle Stimulation. I learned that there is a business in Taunton that offers EMS sessions.

Aspire Fitness and Wellbeing in Taunton are the only business in the county town that offers this sort of training and only one of a very small number in the South West.

Somerset County Gazette: Aspire Fitness and Wellbeing.Aspire Fitness and Wellbeing.

So that is where I went to try it out. My trainer was Scott Minall, who is also the owner and founder of Aspire Fitness and Wellbeing. He was a great help and guided me through the session, as well as answering all my queries.

You can also be trained by Tatiana Bodman. Both Scott and Tatiana have the appropriate qualifications and training to run these sessions.

How does EMS work?

EMS uses a high-frequency electric current to signal muscle contractions through your body to reach deep fibres of muscles you may not have known you had.

It may be a little unusual to start, however it does not cause any pain, just some getting use to.

The machines allows you to get in extra training sessions to complement your current exercise schedule, and the system can also be very useful for people with injuries who are looking to train specific areas on their body without risking further damage.

Research and clinical studies have found that electrical stimulation is an effective complement to resistance and strength training, and can also improve sport-specific skills and performance.

Somerset County Gazette: Close up of the EMS training machine.Close up of the EMS training machine.

During the session

After you have a quick chat with your trainer to discuss what you are wanting to get out of the training, you then strap on the kit, which includes a vest, a strap around your legs, arms and bottom.

A little stretch and then you get stuck in. The electrical pulses begin but they are not constant and the pattern becomes easy to follow after a few runs.

Somerset County Gazette: The EMS training room at Aspire.The EMS training room at Aspire.

Throughout the session you can comfortably increase the current to push yourself or you can carry on with one current. Also, throughout the 20 minute session, your trainer will guide you through different exercises and will encourage you along the way.

It gets tiring, well it was for me anyway as it was my first go at it. But after 20 minutes you are done, and you feel fresh.

After the workout

I am writing this three days after the workout and I can still feel some soreness in my legs and arms, but I was told that would be the case.

After all, you are doing some deep muscle work in the EMS training. Despite the soreness, I feel good. I had a very good nights sleep the evening after my workout, which is a big deal for me.

I have also noticed some toning on my legs which has caught me off guard if I am honest. Simply at how quickly that has happened, just one session!

I am definitely interested in continuing on with EMS training, and the fact it is conveniently located on the outskirts of Taunton makes it even more appealing.

For those of you interested in whether I would recommend the training - the answer is yes. Give it a go; truly I think it is a great addition to your current training program without taking up much time at all.

For more information, visit: https://www.aspire-fitness-wellbeing.co.uk/ems

Also at Aspire Fitness & Wellbeing

Aspire Fitness & Wellbeing is the dream child of Scott Minall.

As an experienced Karate instructor it has been his dream to have his own dojo for many years, so, when the opportunity to take on the premises in Taunton came up, he jumped at the chance.

Somerset County Gazette: The dojo at Aspire.The dojo at Aspire.

Since that point the goal has been, and still is, to find like-minded people to join the Aspire Family.

In addition to Karate, some of the other activities they offer are yoga, kickboxing, personal training, and bootcamp sessions. They also operate a ladies only gym on site.

Find out more by visiting their website.