THE granddaughter of a Second World War hero is urging veterans' descendants to wear their ancestors' medals with pride at Remembrance Day services.

Jo Pearson, of Portland Street, Taunton, says it is important for the current generation to remember those who went before and whoed "courage and bravery".


She said: "I have learnt that those still serving in the Forces wear medals on their left hand side.

"As a descendant, we may wear them on behalf of parents, grandparents, uncles, or aunts etc, on the right hand side of jackets.

"As previous generations pass away, it falls to our generation to remember, and to visibly display their courage and bravery.

"In doing so, I urge everyone to look in cupboards and drawers, and ask family members where medals are kept.

"Dust them down, decide who will wear them, and then wear them with pride this year."

Jo's grandfather won a DSO (Distinguished Service Order medal) in Burma in 1945.