A SPECIALIST animal rescue team was called to West Somerset on Sunday to free a sheep that was trapped on the bramble-covered slope of a quarry.

A fire crew from Williton was called to the scene at around 11.54am on October 30.

They were assisted by an animal rescue team from Barnstaple and spent “most of the day” helping the sheep.

The sheep was strapped into a harness by the specialist team and lifted back to ground level, where it was released unharmed.

A spokesperson for the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service said: “A crew from Williton, together with a special animal rescue team from Barnstaple and specialist officer, have spent most of the day attempting and then successfully rescuing a sheep trapped on a steep slope of a quarry in dense brambles.

“The length of time taken to effect the rescue was not just the safety and welfare of the animal but of our crews too.

“Once on scene, the specialist team lowered themselves down to the sheep before securing it with harness equipment and returning back up to safety and level ground.

“The sheep was uninjured and safely released, with crews confirming the incident under control at 4.45pm.”