A JEWEL in Somerset's crown shone brightly on Saturday night as Bridgwater hosted its famous carnival, 1,099 days after it last went ahead.

The procession was led by Jubilation’, a cart that formed part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant celebrations in London in June.

Griffens Carnival Club had the honour of leading ‘Jubilation’ - which reflects regal elements of the monarchy - through the streets.

‘Jubilation’ was followed by dozens of other carts and performers that were judged in a range of classes, with plenty of cups on offer. 

Ramblers CC won several honours with their ‘I Wanna Rock’ entry including the Ker Cup for the top local feature cart. 

Wills CC won the Bryer Cup for the best local tableau cart with ‘At The Museum’. 

Renegades CC were crowned Hardy Spicer Championship Cup winners for the first time for impressive performances in the procession and carnival concerts.

Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival 2022 results

Class 1: Tableau Cart Open

1. ‘When Movies Were Movies’, Huckyduck CC (Hardy Spicer & Blake Cup)

2. ‘Up in the Air’, Oasis CC (Mayors Cup)

3. ‘Jellicle’, King William CC; Pentathlon's Travelling Funfair’, Pentathlon CC (Arthur Butt Cup, joint)

Class 2: Tableau Cart Local

1. ‘At The Museum’, Wills CC (Bryer Cup)

2. ‘Qingzhu’, Centurion CC (W & F Wills Cup)

Class 3: Feature Cart Open

1. ‘Masquerade’, Masqueraders CC (Usher Cup) 

2. ‘Thundervike’, Toppers CC

3. ‘Home on the Range (Cowboy yer Really Up the Creek)’, Harlequin CC.

4. ‘Kusafiri (Wild Safari)’, Wick CC

5. ‘Heave Away’, Westonzoyland CC

6. ‘Samba’, Globe CC

7. ‘Van Helsing - Vampire Hunter’, Sid Vale CC

8. ‘Rocketmen’, Mendip Vale CC

9. ‘The Rush’, Hot Rock CC

10. ‘Samba’, Ipplepen CC

11. ‘Over the Rooftops’, Cobra CC

12. ‘Dragons Realm’, Otters CC

13. ‘Rocketmen’, Budleigh Salterton CC

14. ‘Tattered Sails’, Gorgons CC

15. ‘Hell of a Ride’, Shambles CC

Class 4: Feature Cart Local 

1. ‘I Wanna Rock’, Ramblers CC (Ker Cup)

2. ‘Feast of Fools’, Gremlins CC (Charlton Cup)

3. ‘Gold! (Got a Dream)’, Marketeers CC (Walter Hooper Cup)

4. ‘Seize the Day (Strike!)’, Renegades CC (Polar Bear Cup)

5. ‘Jungle Maya’, Vagabonds CC

6. ‘Fiesta Cubana’, British Flag CC

7. ‘Showboat’, Cavaliers CC

8. ‘Clockwork’, Crusaders CC

9. ‘Are We Human!’, YM CC

10. ‘Atlantica’, Lime Kiln CC

Class 5: Comic Feature Cart 

1. ‘Men in Tights’, Newmarket CC (Elson Furnishing Cup)

2. ‘Walk Like a Dinosaur’, Nunsford Nutters

3. ‘Ship-Faced’, Cary Comedians CC

4. ‘Come on, Santa’, Luckington CC

5. ‘Hot Hot Hot (Prickly Heat)’, Jesters CC

6. ‘Built by Cowboys’, Honiton Young Farmers 

7. ‘Disco Fever’, 2Rs CC

Class 6: Juvenile Cart 

1. ‘Outlaws and Outsiders’, Marina Sydenham Juvenile CC (Marketeers Cup)

2. ‘Children of the Revolution’, Hillview Juvenile CC

3. ‘Wild West’, Next Generation JCC

4. ‘Bee Happy’, Dream Come True JCC

Class 7: Groups of Masqueraders Adult 

1. ‘Saving Mrs Melluish’, The Academy of Carnival (Britvic Cup)

2. ‘“Wilfs, Wilfs, Oh Where Have You Been?” “We‘ve been to London to Visit the Queen”’, Wilfs CC

3. ‘I.B Scratchins Flea Circus’, Smandys CC

4. ‘Top Nun’, Eclipse CC

5. ‘La Barricade’, ZEM CC

6. ‘Devon Heroes’, Devon Super Team Charity 

7. ‘Gangster Grannies’, Gemini CC

8. ‘Escape the Locker’, Bridgwater Belles 

9. ‘Alice Wonders’, Aliens CC

10. ‘Come Alive’, Xtreme CC

11. ‘Down But Not Out’, One Plus One CC

12. ‘Fifty Shades of Gay (A Celebration of Pride)’, N. Somerset LGBT+ Forum CC

13. ‘Bee Happy’, Drama Club

Class 8: Groups of Masqueraders Juvenile 

1. ‘Beautiful Creatures’, Rhythm Fever CC (Generation Cup)

2. ‘Pirates’, Crusader Cubs

Class 9: Groups of Masqueraders (3 - 7)

1. ‘Strictly Come Daleks’, The Academy of Carnival (The Peach Family) (Juvenile Cup)

2. ‘Clogs On!!’, ABC CC

3. ‘Ghost Riders’, MYL Cubs CC

Class 10: Pairs 

1. ‘Poseidon’, A and A CC (Roger Hobbs Cup)

2. ‘Goths’, The Academy of Carnival (Ruth & Rio Welsh)

Class 11: Single Masquerader Adult 

1. ‘Incantation’, Andy Tizzard - Tizzys CC (Doug Letherby Cup)

2. ‘Remember Remember’, Jacks CC

Class 12: Single Masquerader Juvenile 

1. ‘Wanna Rock’, Little R (Turner Cup)

2. ‘Carnival Wild’, Ethan Pickersgill 

3. ‘Jinx’, Jiggle Jr (Callie Martin)

Class 13: Single or Pairs with Wheeled Props 

1. ‘Starlight Express Underground’, Bubbles CC (Social Cup)

Class 14: Towing Vehicles

1. ‘I Wanna Rock’, Ramblers CC (Skipper Cup)

2. ‘Feast of Fools’, Gremlins CC

3. ‘Gold! (Got a Dream)’, Marketeers CC

4. ‘Seize the Day (Strike!)’, Renegades CC

Class 15: Vehicle driver

1. ‘I Wanna Rock’, Ramblers CC (Wessex Cup)

2. When Movies Were Movies’, Huckyduck CC

3. ‘Jellicle’, King William CC

4. ‘Gold! (Got a Dream)’, Marketeers CC

Most Original (Mounted Entries): ‘Seize the Day (Strike!)’, Renegades CC (Bass Charrington Cup)

Best Decorated Generator: ‘I Wanna Rock’, Ramblers CC (Geordie Adamson Cup)

Towing Vehicle & Driver (Local): ‘Feast of Fools’, Gremlins CC (BP Challenge Cup)

Best Lighting (Local): ‘I Wanna Rock’, Ramblers CC (Winslade Cup)

Most Improved Local Mounted Entry: ‘Fiesta Cubana’, British Flag CC (Stan Bown Cup)

Championship Cup (Local Mounted): ‘Seize the Day (Strike!)’, Hardy Spicer Cup 

Championship Cup Runner Up: ‘Feast of Fools’, Gremlins CC and ‘I Wanna Rock’, Ramblers CC (Lions International Cup, joint)

Best Costume: Feast of Fools’, Gremlins CC (Aquarius Studio Cup)

Class 5 - Best Local Entry: ‘Men in Tights’, Newmarket CC (Jim Bailey Cup)

Class 6 - Best Local Entry: ‘Outlaws and Outsiders’, Marina Sydenham Juvenile CC (Kevin John Pearce Cup)

Class 7 - Best Local Entry: ‘“Wilfs, Wilfs, Oh Where Have You Been?”’, Wilfs CC (Gerald Wills Cup)