STRODE College has staged a two-day 'crime scene' education event on its campus.

The event, attended by around 150 students, was held for Criminology and Uniformed Protective Services students to experience life for crime and police workers.

Students acted as police officers and crime scene investigators at a mock crime scene, identifying, preserving and collecting physical evidence to put their knowledge into practice.

It was a cross-college and stakeholder collaboration between A-level Criminology, BTEC Public Services students and a crime scene investigator from South West Forensics.

Day one offered a ‘real crime scene’ for students to act as police officers, and was run by an ex-Avon and Somerset Police officer, an ex-London Metropolitan Police officer, where the students were invited to observe and deal with a crime scene as a police officer, put in cordons, preserve the crime scene, identify evidence at the scene, consider the next steps for the investigation.

Somerset County Gazette:

On day two, the students had an experienced crime scene investigator for the day who was present at the scene with them and the students were taught how to collect and store evidence as a CSI, many of them immersed themselves fully by even wearing the forensic suits.

Somerset County Gazette:

In the second half of the afternoon there was a lecture in Strode Theatre by the crime scene investigator about the role and techniques they use at crime scenes.

The students were shown how fingerprints are taken, DNA swabs with the tools and techniques that are used and health and safety considerations.

Somerset County Gazette:

Criminology students were able to consider the various potential careers of the professional roles and responsibilities that get involved with a crime scene investigation.

Along with job descriptions, university pathways and any apprenticeship opportunities within this area, such as PCSO, special constable, police officer, police detective, crime scene investigator and forensics.

The two-day event, which was well received, covered many of the learning objectives over the two courses, bringing learning to life.

Somerset County Gazette:

The course manager Sarah Shaw, who is a Criminology teacher at Strode College, said: "I am the applied criminology course manager here at Strode College and this year's second year students had a fictitious crime scene to manage and identify forensic opportunities with a real-life CSI.

"This is an extension of the Criminology course that we run here at Strode where we put the students' knowledge into practice, and they loved it."

Revealing the plans for future, she added: "This year we invited a CSI, and in the future we hope to build up and bring pathologists, CPS lawyers, and forensics, crime prevention specialists and the probation service to enable a full criminological study experience that also focuses on career ideas as well."