After a century of family ownership, it is with a heavy heart that Graham Jamieson, owner of G.J. Jamieson Jewellers, 28 High Street, Wellington, has put his beloved business up for sale. 

“I shall probably cry when I have to leave,” said Graham, whose two daughters have chosen careers in the care industry. Graham, age 69, has been in the jewellery business for over 50 years as a ‘jobbing jeweller’, starting as an apprentice in Hatton Garden at the age of 16.

The store has a fantastic reputation, with an ever-growing client base of repeat customers. Graham said: “We’re different from any competitors: there isn’t anywhere in the surrounding area that does what we do, we’re totally customer service based. We're not just sitting here selling things, we're doing repairs and engaging with the community.”

The business deals predominantly in selling and repairing jewellery, watches and other items such as clocks - both new and second hand. As a gold and silver buying centre G.J. Jamieson’s also purchases gold and silver items, including a lot of second-hand rings, which Graham said: “fly out of the door.”

The store's location on the high street provides great visibility and exposure, leading to a steady increase in business over the years. Graham said he can remember the company moving to this location: “It was a very exciting change, I had a friend that worked on the high street already, who told me I needed to make the move because it would increase business tenfold, and they were right.”  

Aside from the shop floor, the store has a large room at the back which is currently used as a workshop, and a kitchen, providing ample space for the new owner to continue running the business smoothly.

Somerset County Gazette: G.J. Jamieson Jewellers shop floorG.J. Jamieson Jewellers shop floor (Image: G.J. Jamieson Jewellers)

The shop has a warm and welcoming atmosphere where customers feel valued and appreciated. This is reflected in the gifts and treats that customers often bring in to show their gratitude for the work done by Graham and his team. Graham said: “We have such lovely customers that come in and give us gifts: little sweeties and chocolate, saying: ‘Thanks very much for doing that!’ The relationships we have built with clients make the decision to sell that much harder.”

The ideal candidate to take over the business would be a working jeweller with experience in repairs, however, this is not a prerequisite. The store has a team of local outworkers who manage watch, clock and jewellery repairs, as well as a highly trained and skilled jeweller based in Wellington for remakes and other specialised work.

Graham said: “If there’s a problem where you think oh, I can’t do that, then you have people around you that will say ‘I’ll sort that out for you, no problem.’ So, you’ll have that to rely on.” Therefore, even someone with little or no prior experience in the jewellery industry could successfully run the already prosperous business without concerns about a lack of expertise.

The store currently has two full-time staff and one part-time member to run the shop, however, there is large potential for expansion by increasing the business’ online presence and taking on more than three staff. The website is currently selling products online but with the business doing so well in person, Graham and his team have not had the time to dedicate to managing the website.

Graham emphasises that there is a supportive community and resources available to ensure success for the new owner. Graham said: “People have been coming into the shop for the past week saying, ‘What are we going to do without you, where are we going to go now?’.”

With such a supportive community and the necessary resources available, the new owner can continue the legacy of this 100-year-old family jewellery business.

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