IT'S time to welcome back the Bradford Players in their traditional pantomime this February, with Norman Robins' Jack and Jill.

Preview by Laila Dimmock.

This year, they will take you on an exciting new adventure to the little village of Serendipity in the Kingdom of Arcadia, where happiness is in abundance thanks to their magic Old Wishing Well.

Baron Bumble of Muddlethrough Manor is awaiting a visit from his mischievous niece and nephew Jack and Jill, engaging the help of Dame Bobb in keeping a watchful eye over the troublesome pair.

Much to the Baron’s despair, Jack and Jill have their own plans and are keen to get started with their usual naughty antics.

However, the behaviour of Jack and Jill is the least of everyone’s worries as the arrival of Demon Discontent threatens to bring misery to the village.

She intends on gaining power by collecting everyone’s happiness into her bottle.

Who can save the village from this Demon? Why, it’s Peter Pumpkin-eater, the Baron’s faithful young gardener, with a bit of help from the magical Rainbow fairy of course.

Go along and enjoy this lively pantomime at 7.30pm on February 16, 17 and 18, at Bradford-on-Tone Village Hall or for the 2pm matinee performance on Saturday, February 18.

Tickets are available now for just £9 for adults and £6 for under 16’s.

Call 07581 880807 or email