PYRAMID Boxing Club, who until recently were based in Pilton for just over twelve months, have been forced to move their premises to the Methodist Church in Street, writes Merv Colenutt.

The club are opening their doors to pretty well anyone who has an interest in the sport.

The boxing coach Brian Miles said “we will be doing classes of senior boxers, ladies sessions and lessons also for kids and we anticipate our classes here in Street will get bigger and bigger and attract people of all ages to our club”.

“We have lessons starting from five year olds up to ten year olds, lessons for teenagers, ladies only classes and also senior boxers with our carded boxes”.

“We are also going to be doing lessons with people outside of our box which Nicole my wife will be taking, including lessons for dementia sufferers to help them slow down the progression of the disease”.

“We know that dementia is incurable, but by using their arms and body movements, it has been proven that we can slow down the process with a special programme to help these sufferers and the same applies for kids with poor attendance at school, if their attendance improves at school for instance, they will get free lessons”.

“We are also looking to encourage kids who have been in care for a long time and we want them to have a better structure in their future lives by encouraging them all at the same time to go out and get jobs, so as you can see, we are doing all we can to encourage people through boxing to have a better life in front of them”.

“At present we have a big array of boxers ranging from travellers children that cant read or write and can only get schooled at home to kids who are taught at Millfield”.

“We will be opening our doors next Monday 27th February with the sessions for ladies between 6.00p.m and 7.00.p.m. and for the men and adults Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays between 7.00.p.m. and 8.30.p.m.

Nicole Miles who is also a boxing coach added “Dementia and Parkinson’s classes which are boxing exercises with more movement within the body which will improve there overall capacity and you can also learn these movements online and putting everything into prospective, it helps to keep the limbs moving, the mental side of things and it helps also to help the brain to keep active”.

Brian added “so much of this stemmed from the legacy of Liam White who is sadly no longer with us and we would hope along with the boxing club in Wells that Liam will never be forgotten”.

Nicole finally added “we have the fantastic support from Street Methodist church and of course across the road from us you have the Loft owned by Mark Tobin and Mark still holds a boxing license, so we will be working alongside Mark to ensure that the Pyramid Boxing Club attracts hopefully many new members from all walks of life to our boxing club.”