For many people, maths isn’t something we prioritise in our everyday lives - apart from working out a discount in a shop or adding up travel costs, it doesn’t really feature. But that lack of use can also knock confidence with numbers, so you may find it difficult to budget, feel stressed and insecure about managing your money, struggle to progress at work, or live in fear of the day your child asks for help with their maths homework.

As a compulsory subject at school, your children will have to sit GCSE maths, regardless of how challenging they find it. Maths is also a component of other subjects, and understanding the theory behind it can make a big difference with grades. Being able to support your children with their homework and guiding them through the topics is an aspiration all parents have – why not see how you can help them?

Somerset Skills & Learning (SS&L) can offer you the help you need to help yourself, with courses such as Helping Your Children With Their Maths GCSE specifically catering to parents. In the span of just five weeks, you’ll not only feel more confident to tackle those tricky questions that your children will be facing, but it could empower you to work with numbers more in your everyday life. You can also choose from Basic Numbers & Maths Confidence, Numeracy for Everyday Living and more. Visit and search MULTIPLY.

Somerset County Gazette:

Aiming to help you make sense of maths and numeracy, SS&L’s courses seek to combat maths anxiety - a very common phenomenon that can cause you to:

•     Feel panicked and stressed when faced with maths problems

•     Be unable to focus on sums or numbers

•     Feel your heart rate speed up

•     Feel sweaty and sick

•     Avoid anything to do with maths

Having had a bad experience with maths at school, being made to feel stupid for not instantly understanding how to tackle a problem and feeling uncomfortable in high-pressure situations, such as exams, can all contribute to this form of anxiety. It has nothing to do with how intelligent you are, but can actually hide your true ability, and it could be something even your child is trying to deal with. By taking one of SS&L’s courses, you can stop maths anxiety getting in the way, and help your kids with confidence.

Why choose SS&L to help you with this? Well, with small classes, expert tutors and locations close to you, they offer an unrivalled learner experience. Their outstanding facilities make for a great place to study, with modern and up to date classrooms, combined with the latest technology at your fingertips in small and accessible venues. With a range of age groups represented in classes, as well as tutors who are totally committed to helping you achieve your learning goals, there’s no reason not to dive right in.

If you’re worried about taking that next step or have any questions, the friendly team are available on 0330 332 7997 or via the website.