A SPECIAL post box that allows people to send ‘letters to heaven’ has recently been installed at a crematorium.

The post box has been placed in the memorial grounds of Mendip Crematorium, after its business leader, Martin Saunders, was inspired by nine-year-old Matilda Handy from Nottingham who came up with the idea to help her feel closer to her grandmother following her death.

The re-purposed vintage post box provides visitors to the crematorium the opportunity to write and post a letter to a loved one they have lost.

Mr Saunders said: “We welcome all visitors to Mendip Crematorium to post a letter to a loved one in our special ‘letters to heaven’ post box.

“We’ve found that writing letters to a loved one can bring a sense of healing to some bereaved families.

“Whether you want to write to a loved one on a special day or just because I hope that our special post box at Mendip Crematorium can provide some comfort.”

The post box is available for all to use and is managed by the team at Mendip Crematorium. There is no need to attach a stamp to your letter.