BROTHERS Jason and James Simmons won't be getting up so early from now on after closing their family run bakery business in Taunton.

The last hot cross buns, loaves of bread and cakes have been baked ahead of Barry the Baker shutting its bakery and shop in South Street for good today (Friday, March 31).

It brings to an end more than 70 years of the business, which started life as Tarrs.

"Our dad Barry had been involved in the bakery from the 1950s and he bought the business in 1969," said Jason.

"James and I took it on later, but it's now time for us to retire.

"We'd had the business on the market for four years as a going concern, but we were unable to sell.

"So, regrettably, we made the decision to close it and sell everything off."

Jason added: "We've put a lot of years into it.

"We had a couple of shops in East Reach and Kingston Road until 2008, when we diversified into sandwich rounds."

One thing the brothers won't miss are the early morning starts.

"I'm in at 5.30am. I won't be getting up quite so early from now on though," added Jason.

"We've go mixed feelings as we've been here a long time, but it was time to retire.

"I'm quite sad for the nine staff. It's a shame for them, but they knew our plans when we put the business on the market."