TWO brothers from Taunton took on the London Marathon last week and both set marathon personal bests.

Luke & Thomas Goldsworthy (28 and 22) were in top form during the race, and for Luke, it was his second London marathon.

He said: "It was an amazing weekend, made even more special with my family coming to watch, and being joined on the start line by my brother, who had entered for the first time.

"This year I managed to start in wave 1, having qualified for the event from the previous year giving me the opportunity for a quick start away from the crowds and fancy dress, hopefully giving me shot at setting a new PB."

After a big build up, Luke said it was good to get running.

"Finally and after what seemed like an eternity, the gun went off, a surge of runners disappeared out in front, everyone seemed to set off chasing the world record.

"Once I had settled into my rhythm it became a case of ticking the miles off and sticking to my fuelling strategy. Gradually I reeled in the runners ahead of me, their early world record pace now biting back."

He added that it was a challenging race.

"With 5km to go, I was really digging deep, desperately counting down the miles, feeling every single bump in the road, begging my body just to keep holding on.

"Eventually, Westminster came into view; I was in the final mile and had built a sizable gap to the chasing group behind me! I promised myself that I would try to enjoy as much of the final mile as possible and as I turned into the final straight, I just felt elation, all the pain seemed to disappear, and I managed a final dash for the line."

Luke crossed the line in a new personal best of 2 hours 25 minutes.

For Thomas, he finished the marathon with a personal best of 2 hours 44 minutes.