WATERFALLS are a magical characteristic of many of Britain's woodlands and cliffsides.

Here in Somerset, we are lucky enough to have several to choose from when you want to explore the county. If you're brave enough, many can be stood under, too!

In no particular order, here are six of the best waterfalls to enjoy.

St Audries Bay

Our first waterfall is only accessible at low tide due to its cliff-side location.

St Audries Bay Waterfall is actually two waterfalls that impressively crash down onto the pebbles below.

This is right at the base of the Quantocks, so it is a beautiful spot for a stroll or a relax by the sea.

Ninesprings, Yeovil

A surprising aspect of Yeovil is the excellent country park on the edge of town.

It is a delightful spot with five areas, all of which have very different characteristics and land features, including a meadow pasture and woodlands.

There is also an excellent adventure play park for the kids to expend some energy on.

The waterfalls at Ninesprings are part of a pleasant walk by the water that takes you through the wooded area of the country park.

Warleigh Weir, Claverton

The first and only man made waterfall on our list, Warleigh Weir is a popular wild swimming spot. The waterfall runs for 100m in the gorgeous Avon valley.

To access, you'll need to walk along a pedestrian path so it's best to plan ahead.

You can find some more wild swimming locations here.

Mells Small Waterfall, near Frome

Just outside the village of Mells is a small footpath that leads to a lovely walk through the trees of Mells Estate.

In some places, fallen trees are suspended above the path and the resulting dappled sunlight is beautiful.

The sound of the river makes it very peaceful and eventually you will find yourself beside the small, but no less beautiful, waterfall.

Greyfield Wood

Greyfield Wood is almost 90 acres of gorgeous woodland with wide paths that will take you through an array of ancient trees and downhill to the picturesque Stephen’s Vale Waterfall.

This is an impressive double waterfall and it's not unusual to see dogs running in and out of the stream.

Trull Waterfall, Taunton

Our last waterfall is steeped in mythology. Local folklore says that trolls lived in between the rocks of the falls and would steal cattle and sheep as they were herded over the bridge.

Nowadays, it's a lovely spot for families with a community café and pub nearby.

This article first appeared in Somerset Life magazine in May 2022. For more information, visit www.greatbritishlife.co.uk.