I saw a social media post a few days ago where Jayne from Eden May – Lettings and Estate Agents. Jayne explained how she describes Somerset to potential home buyers who are planning to move here from other parts of the UK. Her top three points were – 1. Our beautiful countryside. 2. Our friendly people. A town with so many vibrant independent businesses, where people smile and say hello as you walk through the centre of town. 3. Many thriving small communities across our county, built around schools, religious groups, hobbies, arts, sports clubs, business groups, local pubs.. There are so many different ways to embed yourself into a community, make new friends and build a life here.

The post elicited lots of positive responses, but also a bit of negativity, quoting issues that lots of other places have. Town centre shops closing etc. One contributor quoted how much they love living here but that we need attractions in the town centres. She is absolutely right! To have a thriving town centre we must think of new ways to encourage people into town. Interesting places to meet up. Children’s safe play areas, community spaces for all sections of our society.

This got me thinking. Is there a trick we are missing? When you think of other places in the country that you would happily travel to – A Theme Park, Cycle Velodrome, Indoor Ski Slope, Indoor Sky Diving etc….. What could we build here that is rare or unique? Something for local people to use and enjoy but more importantly, something to attract visitors and tourists? Encourage these people to stay longer, fill our hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants etc. What could we build? Someone reading this column could have a gem of an idea that no-one else has thought of…. Please let us know!?

Our wonderful city of Wells has the movie Hot Fuzz for example. Stratford upon Avon has Shakespeare. What can we use? We have an incredible history as a County!

Finally, a piece of good news! The lovely Denise Spragg from the Sangha House has won an award as the Footcare Practitioner of the Year at the SOS Beauty Awards! Denise is incredible. As is everything at The Sangha House….do look them up.

See you again in two weeks! Until then – Stay Safe and Be Kind.