DAY Two of Glastonbury Festival 2023 was very much sun kissed as many in the crowd lathered on suncream to avoid a burn.

It made for a vibrant afternoon in the sunshine as the good mood continued and the wellies were left in the tent.

It also made for some fantastic outfits, some creative, some practical but most acting as a form of sun protection.

Somerset County Gazette: A festivalgoer blocking out the sun.A festivalgoer blocking out the sun. (Image: PA)

There was a strong line-up on The Glade stage in the evening that brough with it a very, very packed crowd.

Girls Don’t Sync opened the stage, and let it be clear the name is not accurate. They were definitely in sync, not quite sure what they mean really.

The music was groovy from the off and the overpacked crowd was loving it. Everyone was definitely in sync.

I loved it, the wild group of Aussies next to me loved it. A perfect precursor to Example who was next on The Glade stage.

Somerset County Gazette: Girls Don't Sync on the Glade.Girls Don't Sync on the Glade. (Image: NQ Staff)

He kept the energy high right from the off and the even larger crowd was now a hoard of people all moving back and forth, almost as one. Mystical really.

Example played some of his biggest hits, but the best received from the grooving hoard was We’ll Be Coming Back, Kickstarts, and Changed The Way You Kissed Me.

The latter truly got the crowd bouncing, and even though it was rammed, it was still somewhat personal, as different groups of people were enjoying the moment together. Another memory made.

Getting from the rammed crowd back to the Other Stage was quick and easy really, stewards were on hand to help move it along and they did a great job.

It was a day that primed the weekend to come, as seen when festival organiser Michael Eavis performed with his band on The Park Stage.

Elsewhere there were more DJ sets on The Levels stage and of course there was plenty of food to be had.

Somerset County Gazette: Denis Sutra on The Glade.Denis Sutra on The Glade. (Image: NQ Staff)

Some people combined both, eating the food past midnight in front of Denis Sutra on The Glade. Who by the way was another brilliant DJ.

Day two and it is clear there is something for everyone at Glastonbury. Truly, everyone.