A SOMERSET GP appeared on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival yesterday during a ceremony that paid tribute to 75 years of the NHS.

Rebecca Hall, a 53-year-old GP from the nearby Glastonbury Surgery, took to the stage in pink scrubs alongside Ben, a physiotherapist, and Angela, a nurse.

Bristol poet Miles Chambers read out a poem about the health service to a loud ovation from the thousands who had gathered to see Lewis Capaldi perform

“I see humanity, I see care; I see people who are always there,” said Mr Chambers as they recited the piece. 

“I see an institution free to all whether you’re rich or poor, young or old.”

After the poem was read, Ms Hall paid tribute to a group of medics called Abby, Gemma, Ginny and Katie, who responded to an on-site medical emergency.

A film showing scenes from hospitals and other medical settings was played behind the quartet, and the crowd received the reading and speeches with cheers.

Many could be heard saying: “Thank you.”

Before the festival, a huge tribute to the NHS was unveiled on the fields in front of the iconic Pyramid Stage. 

A mural painted on the grass said: “We stand with the NHS.”

A video of the artwork was posted on social media with narration by Michael Sheen, who recited a 1946 speech by NHS founder Aneurin Bevan.