I HAVE been a wild bird rehabilitator for 45 years and have never read so much rubbish (RSPCA play bird song to fledglings) in all my life. One media source states the RSPCA handle thousands another hundreds of wild birds. Yet the RSPCA consider "ALL damaged birds are better off dead " and tell everyone to leave baby birds alone. In one recent email the RSPCA told a lady to leave three blue tit chicks to die as they were too young to be helped". The RSPCA have absolutely no concept nor expertise with wildlife and in their own words " Wild bird rehabilitation is unviable ". So the RSPCA really need to get their agenda sorted.

BUT As for the parent birds teaching their fledglings to sing this is utter nonsense as the parent birds begin to breed again once their young have fledged. The RSPCA are still in the practice of telling the public that baby birds need their mummy and daddy to teach them to fly!.

Whatever next? Will the RSPCA begin showing abandoned fledglings such films as " Predator " to teach them how to avoid being victims of cats, cars and gunshot?. Will they be shown the Jamie Oliver series to help guide them onto eating a healthy "Five a Day diet " ?.

The RSPCA must be attempting to uphold their " Duty of Care " legislation which in affect sees anyone handling an animal for even a short period becoming responsible for the well being and future of that animal.

How can an animal charity that advises to feed a little owl "Weetabix "and Swallows " bread " be taken seriously?. Surely the correct diet is more essential?. And in the case of the RSPCA defining the actual species is paramount.

ANDREW MEADS Safewings Wildlife Conservation Projects South Street, Isham, Northants Email: birds.safewings@sky.com