MY time at Glastonbury was filled with incredible moments shared with close friends and the best of which happened in the early hours. More than likely with a cider in hand.

The nightlife at Glastonbury Festival is famed. Bars and stages that never seem to close, music from local and world-renowned DJ’s that keep you moving and of course, some of the coolest attractions going.

Here’s my honest thoughts on the nightlife as the best festival on the planet. A playground for adults.

As you would expect, there is so much to see and do on a night at the festival so these thoughts come from a conglomerate of nights (some of which can please be forgiven for being a bit hazy).

Somerset County Gazette: A view of the temporary city in all its glory.A view of the temporary city in all its glory. (Image: NQ Staff)

I’ll start with the newest nightclub on offer – The Levels. A new open-air nightclub inspired by the crossover of architecture, lighting and experimental musical art-forms.

I saw Fatboy Slim play a secret set there on Friday night and boy what an experience. The place was filled to the rafters, and it was immense.

From there, we journeyed to Arcadia to experience dancing in front of a 50-tonne stage in the shape of a fire-breathing spider.

Somerset County Gazette: A shot from Chemical Brothers set at Arcadia.A shot from Chemical Brothers set at Arcadia. (Image: PA)

Dancing could be the wrong word, more like jolting around, anyway, it was beyond comprehension. A field full of happy people, staring at a fiery spider in the sky, wow.

I think that was the end of that night. Actually, a cheese toastie on the way back to the tent, if I remember rightly. A word on the late-night food – plenty on offer and everything I ate was brilliant.

On Saturday night it was a trip to The Park stage, via The Glade. In a way similar vibes but different settings.

Somerset County Gazette: The Glade stage had some impressive lights.The Glade stage had some impressive lights. (Image: NQ Staff)

The Glade was unique as it is within a bowl of land, making the music feel like surround sound. It was busy but it was still very much enjoyable.

We saw Confidence Man’s DJ set at The Stonebridge Bar in the Park Stage area, and it was amazing. It too was full (I should have started to realise most places are busy due to the fact it being Glastonbury).

Anyway, when that wrapped up, we climbed to the top of the Ribbon Tower, which was a really nice moment. A tranquil tower looking over the amazing sights of the temporary city.

From there we sat on the hill at The Park to take in the sunrise. A new day starting at Glastonbury Festival but to be clear not the end of the day for some. The party genuinely doesn’t stop.

Somerset County Gazette: The sun rises on a new day at Glastonbury.The sun rises on a new day at Glastonbury. (Image: NQ Staff)

It is hard to convey the temperament of the large crowds at the festival. But, trust me, everyone seems to be in a good mood. I have been to clubs and festivals where getting bumped into results in shouting and pushing, but not at Glastonbury.

Everyone is genuinely happy to be there, and that rubs off in how everyone acts. Even in the middle of the night, while in the middle of thousands of people, a lot of whom are sunburnt, drunk or more, even then, everyone remains in a happy and friendly mood. It is something so special that I’d argue is truly unique to the party at Worthy Farm.

Somerset County Gazette: Shangri-La is a popular spot.Shangri-La is a popular spot. (Image: NQ Staff)

And yes, there were so many places I was unable to get round to seeing during the nights at the festival but that just makes it more exciting next year.