GLASTONBURY Town Council has cut its carbon footprint by 39 per cent in two years, saving £4,000 per year in running costs.

It comes as the authority aims to make its operation carbon neutral by 3030.

By the end of this year, it hopes to have reduced by 100 per cent the carbon emissions from electricity use by switching to completely renewable energy supplier Ecotricity; reducing vehicle emissions by 49 per cent by replacing an old diesel van with a second-hand electric van; cutting by 36 per cent emissions from gas used to heat the town hall by installing a new efficient boiler.

A council spokesperson said: "Although this work has required some investment, these three actions alone are already expected to save the council at least £4,000 in running costs each year.

"When taken together, the additional costs of investing in these low carbon options will be paid back within three years, and from then on will enable net savings."

They added: "Glastonbury Town Council isn’t only focussed on carbon.

"It is also working to make Glastonbury a safer, happier, healthier place for everyone by reducing waste, protecting nature, spreading the word and preparing for future challenges."

It plans to:

  • restore and protect nature by planting trees and hedges and supporting community planting projects;
  • save water through rainwater collection tanks;
  • reduce resource use by mostly switching from paper to digital documents;
  • support community groups;
  • put the Earth first and is an Earth Protector Town.

Planned initiatives include insulation, double glazing and a zoned heating system in the town hall; solar panels, EV charers and energy management; planting trees, hedges and wildflowers and encouraging allotments and peat restoration; supporting community projects; and building resilience through emergency plans and support groups.