FOR many, Glastonbury Festival is the highlight of their year; a week filled with music, friends, good times and probably a cider or two.

In fact, in 2023 some 220,000 plus people flocked to Worthy Farm in Pilton to experience the wonder on offer.

It is almost certain that many thousands more pictures were taken at the festival. 

Some that will provide memories for eternity for the lucky people who got to experience Glastonbury Festival 2023.

We thought it a good idea to capture some of the festival life from behind the lense of a disposable camera.

So myself Lewis Wiseman, my fellow reporter Tom Leaman took on the challenge.

And we gave a disposable camera to three other Glastonbury Festival attendees to provide an insight into the weekend at Worthy Farm.

I will be honest, some of the pictures turned out great, a lot turned out okay and some were not worth printing.

But here are the 100 best for you to feast your eyes on.