A FILM director has made AI images of the “average person” from a selection of UK counties including Somerset, writes Ben Barry of SWNS.

Generated images show Londoners as trendy and cool - while Somerset folk look more bohemian.

And those from Oxfordshire are portrayed as young and urbane - compared to Norfolk residents who are seen as older and rural.

Somerset County Gazette: The average people from Oxfordshire according to AIThe average people from Oxfordshire according to AI (Image: SWNS)

The images were made by film editor Duncan Thomsen, 53.

He said: "All counties have personality. They are their likes and quirks. I wanted to see if I could turn that personality into people and reflect that into photography."

AI responds to prompts and commands set by the user and creates pictures by referencing billions of images online.

Duncan, from Brighton, used the software Midjourney, through the application Discord.

He typed in certain phrases to achieve the results.

For example, for Tyne and Wear Duncan typed in "Tyne and Wear as a portrait characterised by their clothes, haircuts and personalities".

And he added "social, outgoing and proud of local roots, interests music, art and football, quicks never turn down a night out with friends".

Somerset County Gazette: Tyne & Wear people according to AI generated imagesTyne & Wear people according to AI generated images (Image: SWNS)

Duncan said: "Somerset is fun because I like the colour and the beard on the man - it made me laugh.

"I also liked the Scottish and the Welsh, because they are very characterful."

Duncan added that the opportunities with AI are endless.

And he believes the software will be used more and more in everyday life as time goes on.

Somerset County Gazette: People from Cambridgeshire according to AIPeople from Cambridgeshire according to AI (Image: SWNS)

He said: "I got an eye for image through my day job and have been fortunate to have worked with some really great people.

"It's allowed me to cross-reference everything I've worked on and explore my imagination without limits, and this is the result."

Somerset County Gazette: This is what the 'average person' in London look like according to AIThis is what the 'average person' in London look like according to AI (Image: SWNS)