A PARENT'S claims that 50 pupils were held for two hours in a hot room with no access to water for breaching the uniform rules have been denied by a school.

A spokesperson for Huish Episcopi Academy also refuted allegations that any children were sent home today (Thursday, September 7), their first day back after the summer break.

The issue arose after staff informed an unconfirmed number of pupils their shoes did not comply with the school policy.

The parent said she will keep her son home until the school gives her a clear indication of the school uniform rules.

She said: "They think his shoes were too 'trainer like', but they're new and smart.

"He was put in the boiling hot gym with about 50 other children with no windows open and no drinks.

"They had to stay there for two hours in silence.

"It's outrageous. He hasn't done anything wrong. He didn't threaten any violence and wasn't vaping - he's not that sort of boy.

"Another boy in a different class had exactly the same pair of shoes and nothing happened to him.

"The school phoned me and other parents and told us to go in and pick up our children.

"There are a lot of disgruntled parents and children. Someone said, 'It's like a concentration camp' and it's a pretty militant, negative approach.

"It's not right on the first day back.

"I'm keeping my son home until they explain exactly what their uniform policy is."

The academy spokesperson said clear guidance on uniforms and footwear was sent to parents in three separate letters and followed up in assemblies to students.

They added: "No children have been sent home on their first day back to school for incorrect footwear or any other reason.

"A small number of parents chose to collect their children as they were unwilling to wear the correct footwear offered to them.

"No children were ‘held’ in a ‘boiling hot’ gym for two hours. All windows and doors were open at all times with children able to have water and toilet breaks whenever needed.

"There are 1,400 students at the school. The number you have been given of 50 who breached the uniform guidance is inaccurate."

They said children who did not have appropriate footwear were offered school shoes, which they returned at the end of the day.