A driver of a WW2 army truck has been on a 'rampage' in Norton Fitzwarren this evening (Sunday, September 10).

Locals to the area reported the incident shortly before 7pm after the truck was seen smashing through a police road block and then hitting parked cars.

The truck is believed to be a WW2 US Army Truck and one local believes the vehicle may be stolen.

There has been many reports on social media from locals to the area just outside Taunton.

One local said: "Thoughts going out to those in Taunton, ongoing incident with stolen army truck on rampage."

In a video circulating around social media you see the truck power through a two-car police roadblock, easily pushing a large police vehicle out of the way.

It then smashes into a parked car before the video cuts out.

It appears that police had told locals living on this street to stay inside.

Police have confirmed that no one has been harmed during this incident.