Hickleys are well known in Somerset for providing reliable auto services. It is lesser known locally, however, that they are also one of the top suppliers of garage equipment all over the UK.

Equipment is stocked and shipped from their distribution centre housed on the same site as their technical workshops in Castle Street, Taunton. They also have a team of engineers and garage equipment partners all over the UK, in order to provide repair, calibration and maintenance to lifts, wheel balancers, MOT bays and many other items of equipment.

Somerset County Gazette:

The services do not stop there though, as Hickleys also have a dedicated training centre in Taunton to be able to train MOT testers, air con service engineers and whole other host of automotive skills to vehicle technicians. Hickleys have also built-up good relationships with a number of colleges and universities around the country, who have automotive training departments.

As you can imagine, these institutions require the very latest and best equipment to be able to train their students. Hickleys are specialists in vehicle diagnostics, an ever more important area of vehicle servicing, and this has allowed them to assist educational facilities to modernise.

Somerset County Gazette:

Ever the forward-thinking company, Hickleys have spotted that there is a gap in the market for a supplier of high-quality automotive training equipment. In 2023 Hickleys are pleased to announce a new partnership with AutoEDU, a Lithuanian manufacturer who already supply automotive training aids to countries around the world.

AutoEDU produce training boards that consist of automotive systems ‘exploded’ on to boards to make them easy to demonstrate. The systems are made from real, working vehicle parts which means that real diagnostic tools can be used to diagnose simulated faults.

Somerset County Gazette:

They also produce working engine rigs for all types of fuel supply. This allows students a 360 degree view of engines to understand how they work and again faults can be simulated for training purposes.

One of the most impressive items that they produce is part and full cutaway vehicles. With an emphasis on modern EVs and hybrid vehicles, these vehicles have removable and open panels to allow students have a full view of the systems on these vehicles.

Somerset County Gazette:

Colleges, universities and training centres are already starting to knock on the door, and Hickleys are glad to be helping deliver the equipment that achieves a high level of education for the technicians that will be servicing your vehicles tomorrow and into the future.

If you are an institution that is looking for training equipment, please contact Matt Woodgate on 01823 328 531, email mwoodgate@hickleys.com or reach out via facebook and he will be happy to assist and advise.