IT may sound like a sick joke - a flyer from a political party arrives through the post asking you to leave them money in your will at a time when you're battling cancer.

But the leader of Somerset Council saw the funny side when the request from his own party's national leader landed on his doormat.

Cllr Bill Revans took to social media in mock disgust at Sir Ed Davey's begging bowl missive.

He tweeted: "When you are leading the largest @LibDems council group in the country and @SomersetCouncil through the toughest national financial situation for local government, while battling cancer - it was a treat to get a letter from @EdwardJDavey asking me to leave money in my will…"

He added: "Could have popped a 'get well' card in too." 

An upbeat Cllr Revans said his tweet was intended to be humourous.

He added: "I was diagnosed about a year ago and had my left kidney removed at Christmas.

"My six-month scan showed a further growth on my adrenal gland which will need treatment.

"I have been referred to Southmead (Hospital, in Bristol).

"They want to do a further scan in the next few weeks and then decide whether to operate or go for a different treatment plan depending on how quickly it grows and whether they spot anything else.

“I am totally focused on my role of leading Somerset Council at this difficult time for all local councils, taking care of those most in need, whist taking the most of every opportunity.”