Drivers in the UK are being urged to update their Sat Navs amid a 'shocking' increase in road accidents.

Sat Navs have quickly become somewhat a road trip essential with many road users finding themselves heavily relying on them to get themselves from A to B.

As useful as they are, it's important that drivers upgrade their Sat Nav devices, according to the experts at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

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The warning follows a 'shocking' rise in accidents due to outdated navigation confusing drivers.

The number of vehicles being driven the wrong way on England’s motorways rose by 13% in a year with incorrect satellite navigation systems being a part of the problem, the Independent reported.

Keith Hawes, Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, has urged road users to update their car tech.

The Director commented: “Hearing that there’s been an increase in road accidents due to outdated sat navs is extremely worrying. This is particularly concerning as learner drivers now have to follow sat navs as part of their practical test which could cause confusion, on top of an already stressful situation.

“All road users should update their sat nav every few months and always before a big trip or when heading to a location they have never been to before.

"So if you’re planning a trip away any time soon, the time is now to check your current systems. If driving in city centres, it’s particularly important as there are regular road changes, closures and updates.

“If you struggle to update your sat nav system or worry that it hasn’t updated quickly, apps such as Waze can help drivers stay safe on the roads.

"The app features live updates as drivers can report changes and road issues too, meaning it updates in real-time, keeping you out of danger.” 

Keith Hawes and Nationwide Vehicle Contracts have also collated some easy steps and advice about how to update your sat nav to help ensure a safe journey.

Somerset County Gazette: The warning follows a 'shocking' rise in accidents due to outdated navigation confusing drivers. ( Getty Images)The warning follows a 'shocking' rise in accidents due to outdated navigation confusing drivers. ( Getty Images) (Image: Getty Images)

How do I update my Sat Nav?

If you're looking to update a portable Sat Nav device, you will usually need to connect it to your PC or Mac to install any updates.

For newer models, you may need to do this by wireless, however, it is important that it is checked to ensure this is happening regularly. 

The experts added: "If you have a newer car with a built-in sat nav, the system may update automatically or wirelessly, sometimes at an additional cost.

"However, they can be slow to update, putting you at risk, and you will have to connect to Wi-Fi to make sure it’s happening regularly.

"On your device screen, there should be an 'updates' section that requires your car to connect to the internet before proceeding with the update."

When it comes to older models,  you may need to use an SD card to administer updates and changes, drivers should follow the individual product information provided with your device or car model.