A TAUNTON writer has published her debut novel.

Becoming Liz Taylor was written by teacher Elizabeth Delo. Elizabeth wrote the novel in 2020, whilst taking a break from teaching and studying a Master's degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.

The book quickly caught the attention of publisher Allen & Unwin, an imprint of Atlantic Books.

The book's description on the publisher's website reads: "Val, a widow living in Weston-super-Mare, spends lonely evenings dressing up as the movie star Elizabeth Taylor.

"It seems to be a way of coping with the loss and sadness she has experienced in her life. One day, when Val sees a pram left unattended on the seafront, on a whim she kicks off the brake and walks away with it…"

On September 7, a sell-out launch event was held at Taunton's Brendon Books. Whilst there, Elizabeth spoke to Lionel Ward, the owner of the bookstore, as well as attendees who wanted to get their copies signed.

A follow-up novel is in the works.