THE Story of Yeovil Arts and Heritage project is launching their next instalment, the Sound of Yeovil, available now until November 18, 2023, Natalina Onofrio reports.

This community project is for both Yeovil residents and visitors.

It works to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Yeovil through a range of immersive events, talks, educational resources, exhibitions, publications, displays, and workshops until March 2024.

Following the great success of their popular ‘View of Yeovil’ project which took place earlier this year, they have made the decision to launch the ‘Sound of Yeovil’, to further celebrate Yeovil’s creative heritage.

The Sound of Yeovil provides access to the culture-rich art in their community, allowing creative new ways to connect and bring the past, present, and future of Yeovil together through sound and music, something many Yeovil residents enjoy.

The Story of Yeovil, who have conducted these exhibitions, are blending experimental sound, art, and heritage together through their new Sound of Yeovil arts project.

This unique project is taking place at the Yeovil Art Space on the high street and will showcase related music memorabilia to celebrate the wealth of creativity in Yeovil through home-made music.

One exciting exhibition within the Sound of Yeovil project is the ‘Story of DIY’. This unique exhibition will share collections of vintage recordings, original photographs, artworks, and rare finds contributed by individuals to tell the stories of Yeovil and its community through sound and music.

This distinctive exhibition has been orchestrated by EPS Yeovil and Yeovil Art Space, who invite the town’s communities and visitors to share their individual stories and experiences to highlight the ‘Do It Yourself’ culture within the rich Yeovil music scene.

This exhibition will also take place at Yeovil Art Space on the high street and will continue until November.

These culture-rich exhibitions aim to celebrate the wealth of creativity in Yeovil through homemade music and visual manifestation through music fanzines (fan magazines, also called ‘zines’) circulated in and around Yeovil from the 70s onwards.

Visitors have the opportunity to get involved with this artful project, by attending workshops inspired by the exhibition such as ‘make your own Zine’, which takes place in Yeovil Art Space every Saturday (from September 16), as well as a DIY electronics session, where visitors can build a festival Bluetooth speaker, this will take place on October 14.

If you would like to get involved, more information can be found at website or by contacting