THIRTY-THREE pupils from Strode College in Street gained an award at the world-renowned Intermediate Biology Olympiad, an international multiple-choice online competition for students in their first year of post-16 education.

Students anywhere in the world can take part in this hour-long competition, which covers challenging topics studied at both GCSE and their first year of A levels, as well as additional ideas requiring an understanding of core biological principles.

This competitive event is organised alongside the Royal Society of Biology and has supported biology students to develop their skills and extend their scientific talents for 25 years. This year, over 14,000 students took part, among these students were Strode College’s biology students, 33 of which impressively won an award.

Three students, Jonah Rogers, Oliver Ganfield, and Jay Mitchell won a Gold Award (top 5 per cent) while three other students, Hermione Howes, Tegan Lawton, and George Turner, won a silver award (top 15 per cent), these awards and world-recognised achievements.

Lisa Henden, course manager and Biology teacher for keystages 3, 4, and 5 at Strode College applauded the 33 award-winning students and said: “Well done to all of our students who took part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad.

“We are extremely proud of their achievements with 33 students gaining awards this year. A fantastic achievement.”

Biology is a highly popular and successful course at Strode, the success of this competition reinforces their reputation and will hopefully inspire more and more students to explore the world of biology in their post-16 studies.

Written by Natalina Onofrio.