A BUSINESS owner said the decision to permanently close her music shop in Taunton town centre was “devastating”.

Note-Orious music shop on Station Road will close next Thursday, September 28 as it is “not viable anymore”.

Katie Osborne-Davis, the owner, announced the decision to close down after eight years.

She said: “It’s not viable anymore. Many people don’t have a lot of money and in that case, your hobbies are the first thing to go, and we are ultimately a hobby shop.

“We have been in Taunton for 8 years, it is devastating. I started because Taunton felt really weird without a music shop.

“It’s just not enough people to support it. Everything is on Amazon and they can hold so much stock and they can discount in a way I can’t.

Somerset County Gazette: Note-Orious Music shop on Station RoadNote-Orious Music shop on Station Road (Image: Newsquest)

“We had an online shop that cost 3,000 and we made 190 in sales. It’s not paying for little shops.

“We did really well when we started. We had a very tiny shop on the High Street and we had to move here.

“People supported us during Covid, but in the last year and a half, it really went down.

“The prices of everything since Brexit have gone up by 40 per cent. The publishers of our books are from Germany, and we also get instruments from Germany.

"We had five price increases in one year.”