LANGFORD Budville CoE Primary School has welcomed Jonathan Moise-Souch as its new permanent headteacher.

Mr Moise-Souch will be supported by their newly assembled teaching team, and his vision and forward-thinking leadership will guide the school to new heights.

The education facility is collectively passionate about crafting an enriched learning experience and developing Langford Budville into a leading school in the area and marking the emergence of a vibrant learning environment within the local community

The school has embraced a new Christian vision, "Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly", symbolising its commitment to nurturing every child's potential while empowering them with the confidence to explore, learn and achieve.

It is initiating engaging community events to enhance synergy between the church, school, parish and village hall members, promoting unity and shared values, and looks forward to welcoming the community to join them.

The school's fortified connection with the Moorland Federation is opening new doors for enriched collaborative experiences for their pupils and staff.

Their engaging curriculum has been designed to offer a broad, balanced and enriching learning experience with a special emphasis on the love of outdoor learning.

The outdoor learning approach will enable all pupils to connect with nature, develop essential life skills and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

The institute have developed a new outdoor Early Years Foundation Stage area, featuring raised beds, a water wall, mud kitchen, and a sunken sand pit, creating a stimulating environment which is enriching the learning landscape for their budding minds.

Langford Budville CofE Primary School is committed to providing a nurturing, inclusive, and dynamic learning environment, ensuring every child has access to extraordinary, encompassing and uplifting educational experiences and sculpting futures through the transformative essence of learning.

They warmly invite parents, students, and community members to witness and be part of their exciting journey and transformation by coming together to create a school that is a beacon of learning, community spirit, and holistic development.

If you would like to visit and meet Mr Moise-Souch and his team, please contact the school office on 01823 400483.