THE NORTHERN Lights made a shock appearance in Somerset last night, and a local photographer made the most of the rare occurrence.

Josh Dury witnessed aurora borealis behind one of the county's most iconic landmarks, Glastonbury Tor.

Those keeping tabs on the lights recieved alerts from smartphone apps late last night, informing that the fascinating waves of light could potentially be viewed from Somerset.

Josh captured the stunning shot of the Northern Lights in Glastonbury at around 3:07am this morning.

"All I can say is what a magical night this has been and to capture all this from from my homelands of Somerset," he said.

"What an amazing sight and more is to come as the sun reaches Solar maximum in 2025.

"This giving us a window of opportunity to see the northern lights from across the United Kingdom.

"This is really special, illusive spectacle - a must see."