A SOMERSET MP has commended the headteacher of a local school for a letter sent home to parents regarding underage vaping.

James Heappey, MP for Wells, has publicly backed The Blue School headteacher Mark Woodlock for a message to parents sent last week.

The letter which was distributed on Thursday September 21, calls upon adults to inform the youth on the dangers of vaping, by drawing upon statistics and useful resources.

Mark Woodlock also reveals the school has received reports of local shops in Wells selling vapes to The Blue School Pupils, as well as highlighting how criminal gangs are using vapes to exploit children.

"We are aware of reports of local shops selling vapes to those who are clearly school children," the letter reads.

"Whenever we receive this information, it is immediately passed to the police.

"Furthermore, we have seen evidence supplied to us from Avon and Somerset police that suggests children as young as eight years old are experimenting with vapes and there is increasing concern around criminal activity that creates business models to supply younger and younger children.

"Vapes are acting as a gateway drug for criminal gangs who are looking to exploit young people."

Other topics covered in the letter includes the environmental impact of disposable vapes, an outline of the school's procedures to deal with underage vaping, and the need to call upon local politicians to impose restrictions.

Wells MP James Heappey has since commended The Blue School for their actions, and has pledged to pass on the information to the Government.

“I congratulate the Headteacher of The Blue School on his excellent letter to parents and the robust approach that he and his staff take to the use, possession and dealing of vapes in school," Mr Heappey said.

“I also welcome the steps being taken by Avon and Somerset Police force to clamp down on the illegal sale of vapes to clearly underage people.

“It’s time that we all realised what a scourge vapes are and how widely they are being used by school aged children.

“I will of course pass on The Blue School’s recommendations to the Government but in the meantime we as a community, police force and school will need to work together to ensure the existing laws are enforced.”

The full letter from headteacher Mark Woodlock can be viewed on The Blue School website.