FAYE Purbrick has been selected as the Conservative Party candidate for the new Glastonbury and Somerton constituency.

She is pledging to protect the local rural way of life by reducing crime, championing businesses and increasing levelling-up funding and investment.

Ms Purbrick, 46, who has a son, lives in Yeovil, where she grew up, and runs a business supporting companies in the construction and engineering industries.

She says she is a champion for the wider Somerset area and Glastonbury and Somerton in particular and is committed to helping local people and businesses as the candidate and then as the MP.

Ms Purbrick has committed to working with local leaders to ensure delivery of a cohesive strategy to reduce rural crime and ensure people can go about their business as they wish.

She will campaign to protect the rural way of life ahead of the next General Election, recognising the challenges for rural education, housing, infrastructure and services and the food security and countryside stewardship undertaken by farmers.

She has regular contact with Flooding Minister Rebecca Pow about funding opportunities and flooding risks affecting communities.

She wants increased levelling-up funding from government, supporting new business cases, and the effective delivery of projects already funded, like the Glastonbury Town Deal and the Wincanton regeneration.

Attracting private sector investment to deliver quality jobs, skills and services is another priority.

Following her selection, Ms Purbrick said: “It was the honour of my life to stand recently in the Somerton and Frome by-election, but my work is far from finished.

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"I have been campaigning to improve lives across Glastonbury and Somerton for the last six years and I am committed to giving all of these communities the representation they deserve, and need, both at the local level and in Westminster.

“I grew up in Somerset and am steadfast in my drive to make Glastonbury and Somerton the best place to live, work and raise a family in the country.

"I am privileged to have been selected to stand in the new seat of Glastonbury and Somerton and will hold the LibDems to account for their lack of action in supporting local people and solving local issues.

“I will make use of the many relationships I have built...to ensure our area is given the attention it deserves. I will be a visible and engaged candidate, listening to the views of our communities."


Lorna Corke (Christian Peoples Alliance): 256 votes.

Martin Dimery (Green): 3,944.

Sarah Dyke (Liberal Democrat): 21,187.

Bruce Evans (Reform UK): 1,303.

Neil Guild (Labour): 1,009.

Rosie Mitchell (Independent): 635.

Faye Purbrick (Conservative): 10,179.

Peter Richardson (UK Independence Party): 275.