TWO students are launching a wellbeing app to tackle loneliness at universities.

Co-founders Noah and Indi, from Bruton and Glastonbury respectively, are preparing to launch their wellbeing app Tora.

Coinciding with the UK government's launch campaign to tackle loneliness at universities, two young founders from Somerset strive to tackle the issue head-on with an innovative solution.

In the heart of lockdown London, burdened by financial constraints and ensnared by screens, Tora didn't just come to life as a project; it emerged as a lifeline— the innovative wellbeing app, is gearing up for its October launch, with a mission to tackle the ever-pressing issue of loneliness, particularly among students.

Tora's vision is to transform urban experiences by turning the city into an adventure playground for mental and physical well-being.

One of the co-founder, Noah, said: “Moving to London as a student to study was a lonely experience for me, from getting on the tube to trying to make new friends, people seemed disconnected, and I started to feel like an outsider.”

In the midst of pursuing experimental theatre studies, in 2020 the lockdown catalysed innovation for Noah.

His daily walks became a lifeline, inspiring him to harness digital technology for outdoor exploration, rather than mere distraction.

Co-founder Indi said: “Having moved to London mid-pandemic, I too grappled with isolation. But it wasn't just us; now a staggering 95 per cent of students feel the same way. This realisation was the birth of Tora.”

Since then, Tora has been backed by industry leaders Virgin, secured investments, and partnered with UCL University for a freshers' launch.

Tora pairs users for dynamic urban adventures, turning the city into a real-life choose-your-own-adventure game.

In a recent article by Virgin it is described as “a new outdoor social networking platform of the future, using theatre and game-based tactics to re-engage people with their surroundings and alleviate loneliness.”

"Tora" also translates to "Now" in Greek, reflecting its aim to reconnect young people to the present moment.

Indi added: “In a world where 78 per cent of us yearn for immersive experiences, we are often shackled by the constraints of cost and indoor settings. Tora dismantles these barriers, offering immersive outdoor adventures."

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