A FARMER has just opened what she claims is "Somerset's first and only cow with calf dairy".

Phyllida Warmington, of Cothelstone Micro-Dairy, on the Quantock Hills, said: "Unlike conventional dairy farms where calves are taken away at birth or soon after, our cows raise their calves until natural weaning age.

"We sell our raw milk, complete with cream that rises to the top, just like it used to, directly from the farm here at Cothelstone.

"There are currently only 17 other cow-calf dairies in the whole of the UK and this is Somerset's first and only cow with calf dairy.

"I have an 'open gate' policy, encouraging people to come to the farm, connect with their food and understand how it is produced."

The milk is advertised as 'Raw milk from pasture fed cows who keep their calves at foot'.