MEMORIES of his career as a jazz singer came flooding back when a resident of a dementia care home met up with one of the world's top trumpet players.

Geoff Brown, of Camelot House and Lodge, in Wellington, was treated to a Jazz Sunday Lunch at the Castle Hotel, in Taunton, where Global Music Awards medal winning musicians Luis Martelo was performing.

Care home staff booked tickets and sorted tickets for music-mad Geoff and Rita, his wife of 63 years, who were joined for the special occasion by their son Peter.

Rita said: “We had a really lovely day and Geoff so enjoyed hearing Luis play.

“He was involved in the jazz scene for so many years and really loves live music, so this was a great treat for him – and for me.

“When we celebrated our 62nd wedding anniversary last year the team at Camelot House and Lodge had arranged live music for that occasion as well.

"They totally get how important it is to Geoff, and how happy it makes him.”

Luis, whose versatility, unique sound and character make him one of the new generation’s most acclaimed performers, records for many artists and movie soundtracks, including a recent one for Hollywood.

He was a double silver medal winner at the Global Music Awards 2022 for best instrumentalist and best band, and in 2021 for best album with All of Me in the jazz category and was runner-up in the World’s Best Emerging Artist 2021 awards.