PUPILS at a school in Wellington are taking part in an educational programme to encourage the next generation of consumers to embrace cardboard’s environmentally friendly qualities.

Beech Grove Primary School is just one of various primary schools across the UK participating in the initiative, supported by sustainable packaging campaign Beyond the Box.

The ‘All Aboard Cardboard’ programme coincides with Recycle Week from today (Monday, October 16) until Sunday (October 22), an annual event where brands, trade associations, governments and the media join forces to galvanise the public into recycling more often and more responsibly.

Packaging experts from Beyond the Box are delivering presentations to children between the ages of five and eight on the reusable, renewable and recyclable credentials of cardboard, the UK’s most sustainable packaging material.

Andy Barnetson, lead spokesperson for Beyond the Box, said: “Children are the future custodians of our planet, which is why we believe in teaching them how their actions can impact the environment and why they should recycle whenever possible.

“By instilling these values early on, we can help to create a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who are committed to making a positive difference.”

He added: “Cardboard has a very high recycling rate and is one of the most widely used materials in packaging.

"Currently more than 80 per cent is collected and successfully recycled into new boxes.”

The ‘All Aboard Cardboard’ programme includes interactive presentations featuring an animated character, as well as a series of games, quizzes and activities designed to educate and entertain young children so they can inspire family members with what they’ve learnt.

Beyond the Box spokespeople will also host Q&A sessions with pupil-led eco councils, which have been set up as part of schools’ concerted efforts to get students more engaged with environmental matters.

Andy said: “It’s encouraging to see more schools introducing eco-oriented programmes.

"But ultimately, it’s a shared responsibility – if we’re to become a truly sustainable society, it’s essential that both children and adults educate themselves in the ways of being more environmentally conscious citizens. Only then, will we be able to make a positive difference.”