COUNTY Gazette readers of a nervous disposition were warned to look away back in October 2015.

Royal Marines from Norton Manor Camp, in Norton Fitzwarren, stripped off again for a charity calendar.

The Bootnecks were back looking as fit as ever for the 2016 edition.

The highly-trained troops showed off their six packs and inflated pecs in aid of the Go Commando charity, in support of Marines families.

The theme of the calendar was ‘The Royal Marine in a supporting role’, showcasing the tasks they carry out away from the frontline.

A Go Commando spokesman said the aim was to highlight those taking on those roles while raising money for the hugely worthwhile charity, founded after a Gazette campaign.

“It is these behind-the-scenes roles that provide complete endorsement and support that in turn helps to make the Royal Marines Corps the unique, independent and elite amphibious fighting force of the Royal Navy,” he said.

Up until that point, the annual calendar had raised more than £250,000 since it first appeared in 2011 – you could get your copy of the 2016 version for £10 plus post and packing.

The 2015 calendar broke with the tradition of featuring serving Marines and their bulging muscles and carried photos of retired Commandos following a theme of ‘life after the Royal Marines Corps’.

Go Commando was founded in 2010 by Taunton businessman Sean O’Brien, who died from cancer in 2014, after the County Gazette ran its Shoulder to Shoulder campaign in support of the corps as it suffered heavy losses during an Afghanistan tour.