IT was announced last week that a fish and chip restaurant and takeaway in Somerset had been listed among England's top ten eateries of its kind.

Knight's Fish Restaurant in Glastonbury could win the coveted Restaurant of the Year award at the National Fish and Chip Award 2023. 

Upon hearing the news, I couldn't resist a trip to Glastonbury to get a taste of Somerset's (and perhaps England's) best fish and chips.Somerset County Gazette: Knight's is located on Northload Street in Glastonbury.Knight's is located on Northload Street in Glastonbury. (Image: NQ Staff)

Knight's is located on Northload Street in Glastonbury, conveniently near to a public car park; a handy amenity for fish and chip fanatics who don't live within walking distance of the shop.

The pistachio green of the chippy's exterior immediately struck me as something individual when compared to other fish and chip shops I've visited - in fact, it looks brilliant inside and out.

Also on the wall of Knight's is a reminder of the shop's history, celebrating over 100 years as a family-run business since being established in 1909.

Stepping inside, I immediately noticed the cosy and inviting restaurant area, which is sectioned off from the standard waiting area -  I was envious of those sat down in luxury and tucking into their freshly cooked meals.Somerset County Gazette: The business was first established in 1909.The business was first established in 1909. (Image: NQ Staff)

The staff at the till were both very friendly and helpful, and recommended I go for the halloumi fries along with my large cod and chips and jumbo sausage.

I sat down to wait for my food, astonished that a fish and chip shop was selling halloumi fries, and I was even more shocked by the truly relaxed atmosphere inside.

Frequents to fish and chip shops will know that you expect to be in mild to moderate discomfort whilst waiting for your food to be cooked - often feeling like a tinned sardine crammed into a small room, as your knees begin to ache and the temperatures soar.

At Knight's however, it was a totally different story.

Ample seating space meant there was plenty of room for everyone in the shop to sit down, and the seat itself was pleasantly comfortable, I felt strangely at home.

I took a look around at the paintings on the walls, adorned also with the fish and chip shop's countless awards and achievements, although this was short-lived as my food was ready within five minutes!

I then quickly drove home to enjoy the grub, with my sky-high expectations now set even higher.

Firstly, I tucked into the cod and chips, which was sensational. Although nothing of a food critic, the crunchy, crispiness of the batter paired with the perfectly cooked, high-quality fish was just dreamy.Somerset County Gazette: I first tucked into the large cod and chips.I first tucked into the large cod and chips. (Image: NQ Staff)

Another thing which stood out to me about the battered cod was the lack of grease/oil it contained, whilst still being juicy enough to enjoy - I also felt the ratio of batter to fish was spot-on.

The chips were, as expected, brilliant, and I savoured every mouthful of the crispy yet fluffy potato-ey goodness - the flavour was so enjoyable that I didn't even need any sauce with them.

I found myself astonished, as although the fish and chips were kept simple and traditional, they were still so clearly a cut above the rest.

Onto the jumbo sausage, which was also sensational - full of flavour but not full of grease, and cooked to perfection.

The halloumi fries are quite simply a must-buy for anyone visiting this Glastonbury fish and chip shop - perfectly crispy and chewy, and absolutely packed with salty, cheesy flavours.Somerset County Gazette: The jumbo sausage and halloumi fries were a perfect addition to the main meal.The jumbo sausage and halloumi fries were a perfect addition to the main meal. (Image: NQ Staff)

My experience has led me to firmly believe that Knight's Fish Restaurant in Glastonbury should be crowned England's best Fish and Chip Restaurant at the awards in February 2024.

I have never experienced such an all-round positive experience with a takeaway of any kind, and I can only imagine those choosing to dine-in at the restaurant would say the same.

Anyone who enjoys a good fish and chips in Somerset should make the journey to Glastonbury to experience the food on offer at this family-run local business.

Only one word can be used to accurately describe Knight's Fish Restaurant, and that word is flawless.