A SOMERSET cheesemaker is teaming up with Morrisons to release a 'spooky' cheese this Halloween.

Ilchester, a part of the Norseland group which is based in South Somerset, and the supermarket giant will bring back their popular Nightmare on Market Street Cheddar laced with smoky chipotle chilli for the occasion.

The partnership marks their second consecutive year working together on this fan-favourite Halloween speciality.

The unique blend incorporates traditional Ilchester creamy cheddar with smoky hints and a bite of chilli jam.

Catering for those who appreciate a distinct foodie experience, this blend provides a fulfilling smoky and spicy quality to balance the traditional cheddar's mild and mellow nature.

This innovative cheese is perfect for using in Halloween party food such as Smoky Chipotle Chilli Witches Fingers Cheese Straws and Smoky Chipotle Chilli Stuffed Spooky Peppers.

It equally makes an excellent topping over jacket potatoes, mac n' cheese or hot dogs and burgers.

Ffion Davies, Senior Brand Manager for Ilchester, mirrored the public's enthusiasm in re-releasing the popular blend.

She said: "The Ilchester Nightmare on Market Street cheese flew off the shelves in Morrisons last year; there is no denying that everybody loves a Halloween-themed food product.

"So, we thought we would bring it back for Halloween 2023.

"We know how popular cheddar cheese with a little bit of mild spicy, smoky flavour is, which is why we have chosen the smoky chipotle with chilli jam, which is the perfect 'ghoulish' complementary ingredient to our Ilchester cheddar."

With autumn evenings drawing closer, Ffion anticipates a warm reception for the return of Nightmare on Market Street.

She concluded: "As the autumn nights draw in, everybody needs a bit of 'heat' with their food and, from feedback last year, we know that our Ilchester Nightmare on Market Cheese, which has a real 'bite', proved really popular and is a great new seasonal cheese for foodies hosting their very own Halloween parties this October."

Ilchester's Nightmare on Market Street will be widely accessible at all Morrisons deli counters nationwide.