SOMERSET locals crossing their fingers for a sunny Halloween weekend ready for some trick-or-treating have had their hopes dashed by the Met Office.

In what has been a turbulent couple of weeks in in the region, the unpredictable conditions look set to continue with sun, rain and even stormy weather expected.

So anyone looking to spend time outdoors, shelter from the showers inside a cinema, or even dress up as their favourite spooky characters to get themselves some sweets should carefully plan their weekends.

Here is everything you need to know about the Met Office weather forecast for Somerset.

Met Office weather forecast for Somerset this weekend

Somerset County Gazette: Weather forecast for Halloween in Somerset is looking rather miserable

Friday, October 27

  • Taunton: Cloudy all morning, sunny spells with intermittent showers in the afternoon, back to overcast skies in the evening with further rainy spells - highs of 14C.
  • Wells: Overcast through the day, thunder expected at around lunchtime, returning to much more settled weather with some sunshine and brief rain - highs of 13C
  • Bath: Cloudy for a majority of the day, changing to thunderstorms by late lunchtime with some rainy weather towards the end of the day - highs of 13C

Saturday, October 28

  • Taunton: Cloudy for most of the day, sunny spells expected between 9am and 12pm, miserable rainy weather in the evening between 3pm and 5pm - highs of 14C.
  • Wells: Cloudy start to the day, changing to thunder in the afternoon at 4pm, brief spells of both sunshine and rain - highs of 15C
  • Bath: Cloudy morning with some spells of brief sunshine between 11am and 12pm, as well as 4pm, with brief showers expected through the evening - highs of 15C

Sunday, October 29

  • Taunton: Partly cloudy to start the day, plenty of sun between 9am and 3pm with the odd brief rainy spell in the evening - highs of 14C.
  • Wells: A little cloudy to start, changing to sunny weather towards the late morning until mid-afternoon with the odd spell of rainfall - highs of 14C.
  • Bath: Cloud filled skies in the morning, a nice sunny spell at around 9am continuing until 3pm including the odd rainy spell, overcast end to the day - highs of 13C.

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