Spooky season has well and truly arrived in Somerset, as local residents of Wookey Hole have come together to create an enchanting scarecrow trail for Halloween.

The picturesque village has embraced the festive mood in an alluring way, with local residents curating a lively witch-themed activity.

Coordinated by the Wookey Hole Residents Forum, the event involves 20 individually handcrafted witchy scarecrows hidden among the village lanes.

The scarecrows were constructed by the local people.

Jo Plimmer, of the Wookey Hole Residents Forum, said: "the idea for the witchy scarecrow trail came from a village coffee morning in September where we asked local residents what they'd like to happen in Wookey Hole.

"With the village's famous legend about a reclusive witch living in the caves, it seemed a great idea to connect with that story, and give the village an opportunity to unleash its creative Halloween spirit."

The array of witchy scarecrows ranges from flying witches to recycled and even crocheted witches, all displayed around village homes, amplifying the spooky mood.

The Forum was overwhelmed by the response and also appreciation from local businesses like Wookey Hole Caves, Wookey Hole Inn, and Souldough Pizza who got behind the project by offering attractive prizes.

This community affair also hosts a competition for the best scarecrow, which was adjudicated on October 30 by Mayor of Wells, Tanys Pullin with help from the Wookey Hole Witch.

The winner bagged a free family weekend break at Mendip Hot Tub Lodges in the village.

The first prize went to 'Lion, Witch and Wardrobe' in Glencot Lane by Tamsin, Sam, Stan and Mo Smith.

The second and third prizes were a meal for two at Wookey Hole Inn and a family Souldough pizza voucher, won by 'Ladies’ Night' from Upper Milton and 'Flying White Witch' from High Street respectively.

The Wookey Hole Witch Scarecrow Trail will remain on display until Halloween Night, October 31st.

The residents welcome everyone to partake in this spooktacular festivity and share their experiences using the hashtag #WookeyHoleWitchTrail.

For more information about this charming tradition or to treat your eyes with event pictures, contact WHRF-secretary@wookeyhole.info and wookeyhole@adpr.co.uk respectively.